Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HartSong Ranch - Raindance - Saving a Starved Horse

Beautiful Raindance

Raindance lived with the same family until she was 29 years old. She was the family horse. One day, for reason’s unknown, her long time owner’s put her in a stall with a bit of food and water, drove away and abandoned her. When authorities found her, she was 400 pounds under weight and unable to stand. Animal Control officer’s decided the best course of action was euthanasia. Fortunately, a kind-hearted neighbor lady, familiar with horses and aware of Raindance’s history, stepped up and asked if she could try to save her life instead of putting her down. They agreed to let her try.
About a month later, I met Raindance for the first time, a day I shall never forget. She displayed no emotion what-so-ever…didn’t raise her head…didn’t move her eyes…didn’t move away…didn’t do or acknowledge anything. She was defeated. We knew right then and there we had to bring her home to HartSong. Nursing a starved horse back to a healthy weight can be a very tricky endeavor. Knowing her digestive system needed time to reacquaint itself with the action of processing food and not wanting to overwhelm her already challenged state, we decided to eliminate all hay from her diet. Instead, 4 times a day and in very small amounts, she received a watered down mash of Purina Equine Senior, Purina Amplify, a bit of beet pulp, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. She savored every meal and sure enough, slowly but surely, her light began to shine.

"I can see you!"
Now 32 years old, Raindance is a healthy, energetic, beautiful Appaloosa mare, free to roam on 15 acres with her best buddy, Dandy, a 34 year old Quarter Horse. Raindance is a shining example of how good nutrition, good exercise and lots of good lovin’ can bring out the brilliant beauty and vibrant spirit of a once discarded and forgotten old horse. Shine on, Raindance! SHINE ON!!!

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