Sunday, October 18, 2009

HartSong Ranch - Meet Miss Frizzle

Sweet "Frazzled" Frizzle

She is a “Frizzle” chicken by breed. Even so, we decided to call her “Frizzle”. How could we not? What name could be better? Before HartSong, she lived for 3 long years in a crowded, un-tended coop, spending most of her time hiding under just about anything, trying with all her might, to survive. As you can see, most of her feathers are gone, plucked out by the other hens in the coop that quite obviously, “did not like her”.

Frizzle on the move

She appears to have some sort of deformity in her feet, causing her to stagger occasionally, as if drunk. We find this little “hitch-in-her -giddy-up” quite charming even though I’m certain it’s the reason for her battle scars. Just the same, everyone at HartSong finds her adorable. One thing’s for sure, she’s a survivor. Only 6 days at the sanctuary and everyday, she is happier than the day before. I haven’t a clue as to when her feathers will return but already, her dignity is on the rise. Someday soon, her spirit will shine. After all, her name is ”Frizzle”…

About Rhythms of the Ranch HartSong Ranch grants permanent sanctuary to animals with disabilities. Most of our residents are blind. All require some kind of specialized care. Our mission is to provide a landscape of quiet and tranquility for the animals that live here – a sanctuary where they can enjoy nature, peace of mind and rejuvenated spirits.

We invite you to experience the joy in knowing them. Their stories are inspiring and their lives profoundly worthwhile.

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