Monday, May 17, 2010

HartSong Ranch Animal Sanctuary Needs Your Help - Urgent!

We here at HartSong Ranch Animal Sanctuary do not make it a habit of sending out urgent pleas for help but we have no other options in such a short amount of time. We would really appreciate you cross posting this and sharing it on your page as well as others.

These are the latest two horses to get dumped at the Enumclaw Sales Pavillion in Washinton. It is just heartbreaking.

The chestnut is blind and completely depends on the bay to be his eyes - it's horrific to think of them as a feed lot and possibly seperated. They have until next weekend before they will be shipped to slaughter and because of their large size they are priced at $450.00 each.

Katie Merwick with Second Chance Ranch in Washington called me to see if we could offer them a home. We are very interested yet sadly, cannot afford to feed two more mouths and we need fencing materials to build them a paddock area. There is nothing worse than a blind horse standing in a stall. If however, we are able to secure sponsorships for their care or at least donations to help us with the transition, we would then place the call to save them. These two horses only have until Friday of this week before they are loaded onto a slaughter truck bound for Mexico (they stab horses to death in Mexico!). Time is of the essense and their time is running out.

The blind chestnut has already had a horrific accident at the auction house having been bumped into and falling into a 10' water trough. We must get them out asap. Please help!

Donations can be made on our website at:

Please call us at (530) 887-1263 if you can help!
Katie Merwick with the Second Chance Ranch in Washington can be reached at (425) 443-4638
Kristi Lynn is coordinating these efforts and can be reached at (206) 228-0377


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